At The Supply Nest, customer satisfaction and customer service form the core values.

Still in certain cases, if the customer is not satisfied with a purchase, we will ensure that you get our assistance to return or cancel your purchase.


Returns are accepted under the below mentioned cases ONLY –

  • If there is a mismatch in the size or dimension or colour of the product in comparison to the order placed
  • If the product is tampered or broken or damaged (in any way) at the time of delivery
  • If the product does not function as desired
  • If product or its parts are missing as per the manufacturer’s product manual (Valid only for products which are sold in package by the manufacturer along with a user manual)
  • Return requests will be accepted when notified to us within 24 hours of the delivery of the order either Online through

In case, the seller does not have the replacement product, refund will be done to the buyer and the buyer shall be obligated to accept the refund in lieu of replacement.

Replacements will be done within 5-7 days from the time the product which is to be replaced is received at our end and solely depends upon the availability of the products.

Returns are NOT accepted if,

  • Product delivered  is used and tampered after being delivered and received
  • Product is not installed according to the user manual and results in damage/malfunctioning
  • Not notified to us within 24 hours of receipt of the order
  • No other product will be exchanged for different product (For example: request to exchange TMT FE-415 for TMT FE-500)
  • Partial Returns/Leftovers are not accepted (For example: 1000 bricks unused out of 5000 bricks purchased are not valid for Returns)


Order cancellations are accepted under the below mentioned cases ONLY – 

  • Ordered products are NOT in transit
  • Customised products cannot be cancelled once the order is placed (For example: Customised Door size cannot be cancelled)
  • Shipment at buyer door steps cannot be cancelled for any reasons, other than mentioned in the returns above

When cancellations are NOT accepted?

  • Ordered products are imported based on the buyers’ order
  • Ordered products are custom built to suit buyers’ requirements (For Example: Customised Doors/Kitchen shutters) and manufacturing is in progress
  • Ordered products are in-transit